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I wouldn’t have passed the SHRM-CP exam on my first try without having taken Jeanine’s class. Jeanine is an HR expert and her deep knowledge base comes through in her teaching - she will equip you with HR knowledge in an understandable and engaging way. When I struggled to calculate overtime rates, Jeanine took time at the end of class to walk through examples and ensured I understood the concept, which shows how much care she puts into teaching. I especially appreciated Jeanine’s colorful examples that helped me understand complex HR topics. I would highly recommend taking her class.


I was really nervous about sitting for the certification exam. Jeanine understood my fears and helped me to understand how to take the test, how to dissect questions, and she advised me to study in those areas that were the toughest for me. I passed and I believe I owe a large part of that to Jeanine. Yes, take this class!


I am happy to highly recommend this course and Jeanine as an instructor. She does a fantastic job of covering a huge amount of information very well. She did a great job of helping me understand some complex ideas. Her examples of real life situations helped to clarify the ideas and bring the concepts into better focus for me. 


The class was great. I loved the structure of the class. It was not an easy class, but it really prepared me for the exam. Jeanine said “this is not a marathon, it is a sprint towards your test date.” I took that advice and studied hard, used flashcards, re-read the materials, took all of the practice quizzes twice. Yes, it was tough, but I was committed. I was so excited when I saw the “Passed” on the screen when I was done. Thank you Jeanine.


I thought the class was great. It was comprehensive and I did like the format of being “taught”.


I took all the suggestions Jeanine had when prepping for the exam – I read and highlighted the materials, re-studied those areas that were my weakest, used flash cards, re-read the quizzes, and joined with another student during the week to review and test each other. I took the challenge to get my certification and I thank Jeanine for her great class and guidance to stay focused and enjoy the journey. I owe my success on this exam to hard work and Jeanine.


I loved this class, we had a lot of fun and I learned so much! I had no idea how much I didn’t know! I needed a class to stay on track and this was totally worth it! I highly recommend anyone take this class who is serious about getting their certification.


I am happy to give a recommendation for this class and Jeanine. She does a great job of helping us to understand so much, she told us what concepts were most important to remember in every module, and where to focus when we studied. I found it really valuable and would definitely encourage others to take it.