Increasing Your HR Certification Odds - Everything You Need To Know About HR Certification

Increasing Your HR Certification Odds - Everything You Need To Know About HR Certification

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

8:00am PT / 9:00am MT / 11:00am ET


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Why should I get certified?

What are the best practices for study?

Will I pass the exam on the first try?

What are typical questions on the exam?

What are some secret test taking tips for the exam?

Should I take an in-depth course or condensed course? 

We will answer all your questions about certification for the HR profession.

3-Week Course Starts Sept 20, 2021

This course is specifically designed for the experienced HR professional – approximately 5+ years in an exempt role, with solid experience in multiple HR specialties. Also, while many HR professionals feel that they know the material, they may not be the best test-takers – we can help. Taking this course will go a long way to explaining the exam structure, types of questions to expect, clarifying how to study and practice for the exam.

12-Week Course Starts September 2, 2021

This course is for every HR professional – those brand new to the profession and the seasoned professional - anyone looking for an in-depth study course. In addition to the deep dive into each of the five functional areas of HR – Business & Strategy, Total Rewards, Employee & Labor Relations, Training & Development, Talent Management, we will highlight the concepts, best practices, and many of the secrets to understanding the questions on the exams.

Join us to learn if certification is right for you, which course makes sense for you, and if you are ready for certification



Did you miss our webinar on April 15, 2021? Relax you can still watch it here.