6-Week HR Certification Prep Course

6-Week HR Certification Prep Course

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Are you considering earning an HR certification? 
Are you ready to climb higher in your HR career ladder?
We can help you achieve your goal. 

Fall Class Starts Sept 12

Tuesdays - Virtual Online Class

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm MT

Why Do This Now?

This course is designed for any HR professional – brand new to the job, or a an experienced pro with experience in multiple HR specialties.

This is an in-depth course covering each of the five functional areas of HR – Business & Strategy, Total Rewards, Employee & Labor Relations, Training & Development, Talent Management. We will highlight these five areas of HR, the concepts, best practices, and many of the secrets to understanding the questions on the exams.

Besides being affordable, our certified instructors take you step by step through extensive material to prepare you for the certification exams. These live online interactive sessions let students participate and ask questions, and each session is recorded for later review. Students are also provided with exam tips, reference resources, hundreds of multiple-choice questions with detailed explanations for each answer.

Also, while many HR professionals feel that they know the material, they may not be the best test-takers – we can help. Taking this course will go a long way to explaining the exam structure, types of questions to expect, how to avoid the test taking jitters, and clarify how to study and practice for the exam.

We can't teach you everything in HR, but we can teach you to pass an exam!

Holding an HR certification demonstrates relevance, competence, experience, dedication and credibility to your employers, clients, staff members and professional peers. Certified HR professionals tend to advance to senior roles more quickly. 63 percent of HR assistants with certification received a promotion within five years, compared to only 34 percent of those without certification.

Course Materials

Registration fee is for our online, 6-week course, as well as class handouts, quizzes/answer sheets, test tips, and other ancillary items.

We do not provide course materials.

We encourage you to find other robust, detailed study supplies to complement the class information. There are several high-quality study system packages available, as well as textbooks, study guides, quizzes, flash cards, apps, and websites. Please see our Course Materials page for three of the best study systems as well as recommended manuals/textbooks.

Not ready yet?

We understand.  It's is a big decision – you should be ready to devote the time, energy, and focus when it best suits your busy life. Send your questions to info@hr-mentors.com - we're happy to answer questions.